A Principle-Driven Company

WinCup’s principles are the glue that unites our everyday operations. It is because of these ideals that we have been able to grow into an industry leader in foodservice disposables. Our principles guide our decisions, benefit our clients, and ensure our continued prosperity.

Our Principles

  • Safety & Integrity. Treat all with dignity and respect. The safety and well being of our employees is vital. We take on the role of environmental steward and comply with all laws.
  • Customer Focus. Understand and serve our valued customers. Strong customer relations form the backbone of our company.
  • Value Creation. Eliminate waste and increase efficiencies. We apply proven techniques to achieve superior results.
  • Excellence in All We Do. Harness our vast and brilliant talent. We possess the entrepreneurial spirit that drives every great company.
  • Accountability. Ensure effectiveness and reward success. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest economical standards and create value from every situation.